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Virtually everybody knows what an auction is, but when it comes to it, most people have never attended one. With so many retail outlets available and an entire online marketplace where you can search for deals all day long, it’s easy to forget that auctions are still alive and well. And, in fact, auctions are one of the best ways to score amazing items for cheaper than you’d find anywhere else, even online vendors!

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Auctioning also has a wide variety of benefits for the person or organization getting rid of their stuff — it presents an easy and effective way to liquidate their property and possessions in a way that’s quick and profitable. This is a major reason why companies like Pengo Estate Sales exist — auctions are difficult to pull off by yourself, but with the help of a professional auction company, it’s a total breeze for both buyer and seller!

Whether you’re somebody looking to explore the auctions in Greater Kansas City, or a seller seeking the best auctioneers in the area, it’s important that you know the details. Keep reading for a breakdown of our services, as well as tips on how to find the best auctions so you can score amazing deals!

Our Auction Services

Professional Auctioneers That Come to You

Our most prominent and foundational service is acting as a professional, reliable, and qualified auction host for people who are looking to get rid of their assets — whether it’s a collection of household objects, or entire plots of land.

It would be insane to expect our clients to transport all of their inventory to an auction site, which is why we come to you! We will gladly travel to your property (or a viable destination of your choice), and work with you extensively to arrange the event.

By doing this, every single auction we host is entirely custom-tailored to the client’s specific circumstances. By working with Pengo Estate Sales, you can have the assurance that your auction will be designed to meet your exact needs instead of just going through the motions.

Areas We Serve

At Pengo Estate Sales, we’re willing to accommodate clients in a wide radius covering both East Kansas and West Missouri. We often mention “Greater Kansas City” as our main area of focus, but we’re absolutely willing to make the trip to outlying cities! If you don’t see your town or city mentioned in the list of areas we service, give us a call anyway! We’ll let you know if we can make it work.


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What Kind of Auctions Do We Hold?

As a general rule of thumb, the best thing to do is to contact us personally about the items you want to auction — while auctions can be usually divided into a few different categories, there are always exceptions and outliers, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific situation.

With that being said, certain types of auctions appear much more frequently than others, and there are a few that we specialize in at Pengo Estate Sales.

Estate Auctions

It doesn’t take long browsing our site to see that estate sales and estate auctions are our bread and butter. While estate sales and estate auctions have the same end goal of liquidating an estate of its property, one is a straight sale while the other puts items up for bidding.

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Estate auctions are a boon to both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it presents a situation where they can potentially snag items for far less than market value. On the other hand, the opposite can be true — certain items can be coveted among many buyers, creating an opportunity for the seller to make more money off of it than they would through traditional means.

The Advantages of an Estate Auction

  • It’s Easier: One of the biggest arguments in favor of auctions is that it creates a microcosm of a market where an item’s value is instantly defined. The buyers are the ones who determine the true price of an item based on their bids, which saves you a tremendous amount of work. In other words, it spares you from the process of having to individually price all of your possessions, which requires a lot of time and knowledge of the general market value.
  • It Attracts Audiences: People love going to auctions because they like the idea of potentially being able to score a deal on an item under market value. With a straight sale, it’s implicit that each item will have firm prices. This is attractive to some people, but in most cases, auctions bring more fervor and excitement from those who are in attendance.
  • Everything Gets Sold: For many estate owners, the biggest priority is getting rid of all their stuff, and getting paid for it. While it’s a bummer to sell an item for less than market value, you have to ask yourself — isn’t that better than not selling it at all? While estate sales have their own benefits, one of their drawbacks is that many items will go unsold. With an auction, it’s almost a guarantee that just about everything will be sold — usually, if there’s no competition, at least one person is going to jump on it for barely more than its asking price.

Land Auctions

Are you looking to be a land owner? Did you know that land auctions are one of the best ways to score land for a good price? It’s also a great way for sellers to get value out of the land they’re selling in a way that promotes urgency, avoiding many of the headaches that are associated with typical real estate transactions.

We have held countless land auctions in East Kansas and West Missouri. Land auctions can come in many shapes and sizes, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the specific ramifications of the land in question. Being a landowner is a dream that used to be shared almost universally by everyone in this country — keep it alive by asking us about our land auction services!



Farm Auctions

For those unfamiliar with the vernacular, the term “farm auction” can be a little misleading — in most farm auctions, the property and land has already been sold to a buyer. But that still leaves a whole lot of other stuff — such as all the farming equipment that will be left behind. Unless the property buyer has expressed interest in keeping that stuff around, it typically goes to the auction block.

It’s no secret that Kansas and Missouri are both major farming states. This creates great opportunities for local farmers — instead of paying top dollar for a new tractor, you could potentially acquire one for far cheaper by going to a local farm auction.

As we have already said before, this swings both ways — for sellers, there’s no faster or more reliable way to liquidate your farming assets. Ask us about our farm auction services!

Property Auctions

Many people don’t jump to auctions as the most viable option for selling their home, but hear us out — there are compelling reasons to hold an auction instead of selling your home traditionally. Here are some of the perks of working with Pengo Estate Sales to auction your home or commercial property:

  • You Have a Guaranteed Sale Date: One of the worst things about selling property is that the date of sale is completely ambiguous — depending on how you’ve priced things, the home could find its new owner in as little as one day, or as long as six months. In any case, it can be frustrating not knowing when you’ll sell, especially if you have cause to be out of state.
  • Auctions Attract Serious Buyers: A frustrating aspect of selling a home is the constant influx of “window shoppers” who come to your showings with little intent to actually buy. Even if you find someone who’s interested, there are countless steps along the way in the lengthy home-selling process where they can fall off. Auctions attract people who are intending to purchase, saving you the headache of flaky buyers.
  • Auctions Bypass a Slow Market: At any given time, the real estate market is either a “buyer’s market” or a “seller’s market.” Property values fluctuate depending on a variety of conditions and can cause slumps where homeowners have a difficult time finding a buyer. Auctions allow you to find interested parties right out of the gate, and a bidding war can escalate a home’s value to higher than it would normally go for.

Whether you’re in Kansas City, or any of the surrounding towns such as Independence, Liberty, Gladstone, Leavenworth, and more, there is only one solution if you want to hold a quality auction — Pengo Estate Sales!

Our auction company has years of experience conducting auctions, providing incredible value to both buyers and sellers. From farm auctions to estate auctions, this is what we do, and we treat our clients like family. We will not only handle the logistical aspects of the auction, we’ll also help you determine the value of your possessions if you’re not sure about how to set their listing price.

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On our team, we have two incredibly experienced certified appraisers with over 22 years of experience in their field, along with certifications and relevant university degrees to prove it. Our founder, Gabrielle Sinderson, is passionate about Pengo Estate Sales’s mission and her biggest desire in starting the company was to help people. By providing amazing auction services, she has been able to do just that, resulting in numerous happy clients who have left glowing reviews.

Are you ready to finally get around to the auction that you’ve been putting off? Pengo Estate Sales Auction Company will make things easy for you. Contact us today!