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I meant to post my favorable review of Pengo Estate Sales soon after our sale was ended in May 2019, but probably like most people I got distracted by other life activities.

I consider myself a reasonable and not a high maintenance person with reasonable expectations and was very pleased to work with Pengo Estate Sales for my in-law’s estate sale. As with any review, I try to determine what type of person is leaving the review and most of the time people are quick to leave negative reviews and are either delayed or forget all together to leave a positive review.

I am not an Estate Sale aficionado, but learned from evaluating Estate Sale companies what kind of valuable items you have before they will even consider doing your estate sale and realized many companies only want to work with you when you have fewer/high-dollar items to sell. My mother-in-law should have been a professional interior designer with all the decor items she had available to sell. There were enough items to decorate three homes!

Pengo Estate Sales was up for the challenge and maintained positive / open-communication with us and was highly flexible when suggesting we have more than the usual 3-day Estate Sale in order to ensure we sold as much of the folks items vs trashing or giving the items away. They worked on their days off to make this happen.

We felt like the staff was an extension of the family in protecting items from being broken or stolen and not accepting some of the insulting offers on already very reasonably priced items. When an offer was in question, they didn’t hesitate to contact family members whether they were on property or by phone. Pengo Estate Sales is confident in their business that they have no issues with family being around.

Once we all agreed the sale should be over, their clean-up crew was fabulous as we had a cleaned house for the next stage of selling the home.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but we don’t hesitate to recommend Pengo Estate Sales. These are hard-working people with compassion and integrity not getting rich off other people’s belongings. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!

Denise Young

January 2020

Pengo Estate Sales did an awesome job in cleaning out our house and selling our furniture and misc. stuff. They did everything they said they were going to do and more. From start to finish (packing, moving, and holding the estate sale) all happened in 10 days and this was no small task. The house was 10,000 square feet that was full of furniture, etc. We did not have to do anything. I highly recommend them!


April 2015

Came 1 week before sale and priced and cleaned the entire house.

We agreed on pricing of all our stuff because he brought his appraiser with them.

Had good help and they were there to help buyers move the things they bought.

All the people were clean and very friendly. They were never late.

We were able to see for ourselves the advertising that was done.

Sold a few things that I did not think would sell and did not sell a few things that I thought would sell.

Had a discount on the last day of the sale to really get rid of our stuff and it was worth it.

I agreed to a set % before the sale and he kept track of every sale. I wish it did not cost so much but in the end it was the right decision for us. They did work hard and it was worth it. I would use them again and I have already recommended them to others.

Denis Jensen

April 26, 2014

I have been working with the team at Pengo Estate Sales the last couple weeks getting ready for the sale of a dear client while recently passed away. They have been amazing to work with! Incredibly sensitive of our situation, absolutely professional on every front, and brought in some of the best appraisers in the metro. I would recommend this crew all day long. Especially if you have antiques and specialty items. You won’t be disappointed to entrust them!

Rich Gibbs

March 2017

Pengo Estate Sales helped my parents with an estate sale when downsizing. I was really impressed with the results. They got so much stuff sold. They helped my Mom find a good home for her horse, which was really important to her. My Mom said they put her mind at ease during the difficult process of getting rid of a lifetime’s worth of memories. Thank you for making this go so smoothly!

Sunny Foutes

February 2017

I had my first experience with this company this week at a lovely sale. The people are very gracious and an employee spent quite a bit of her time helping find a book I really wanted. She helped me put them in a box and and as I was hauling other treasures upstairs she protected my lone box and let other customers know I was taking other things up stairs. I was very appreciative of that. Also when I checked out not only did they package the glass wear so it wouldn’t clank and break, the gentleman hauled my heavy box out to my vehicle. Customer service like this is very appreciated.. The gentleman had no idea I had recently had surgery and shouldn’t of been lifting the heavy box of books but was just providing me with excellent service. Not only that but he also let me know I forgot a bag inside. I will definitely look for their sales again, and kind sir thank you for carrying that box for me.. It goes both ways for a business like this, and I believe if you respect the rules of the sale they are more than happy to help. Thanks for a wonderful experience!!!

Tiffany Turnbull Eagle

September 2016

I would like to commend Pengo Estate Sales for helping my husband and me with our estate sale in July. In our preparations to build our retirement home out of state, we knew that now was the time to downsize our belongings. The team at Pengo Estate Sales did everything possible to make this as easy as possible. Thanks to Kevin and his sales team, we were able to sell most of our big ticket items and I was extremely impressed with his negotiation skills. It was well worth the effort and I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need of this type of service.

Karen T

July 26, 2014

They worked very, very hard to make our sale a success. They were very nice to work with, professional, courteous, punctual, and flexible. They went above and beyond what other providers would have done to make sure our sale was a success, keeping in mind the feelings of the family. While other companies told us to just turn over the keys and come back when the sale was done, Pengo Estate Sales welcomed us to be as involved as we wanted to be and that meant a lot to us. There was so much stuff to sort through, we couldn’t look through everything before they began. They carefully put personal items aside for us to sort through later and when we found a few items for sale that meant a lot to the family, we were allowed to withdraw them from the sale. If we had gone with another company, I feel these items would have been gone forever as we were told we should not attend the sale. Their efforts were very much appreciated and I would definitely use their services again.


April 4, 2014

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