Special Memorial Day AUCTION!!

Barbie dolls, firearms, & more
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Address: 1022 West Hwy 24 Independence Mo

Date: May 27 th Time

Preview at 1:30 pm Auction @ 5:00 pm

You've Come a Long Way, Barbie!

Pengo Estate Sales has been well known for years for our estate sales, but we also run a Missouri, Independence auction house, featuring fun Sunday auctions. Last weekend kicked off the first half of an auction featuring one of the largest collections of Barbies we’ve seen in the Midwest, with over 600 Barbies, primarily still in the original packaging.

This Sunday (May 27th), we’ll be auctioning off the second half of the collection, in a sale that features a number of unique licensed Barbie dolls (we’ll also be auctioning off a collection of firearms, beer steins and Budweiser collectibles, making it the perfect Memorial Day Weekend auction). Some of these Barbies include Disney-related Barbies, Barbies based on television shows (the X-files!), favorite restaurants, and even famous personalities (Elvis, anyone?). And how about Harley-Davidson Barbies? You knew Ken was Born to Be Wild, right?

It’s hard to believe Mattel could have envisioned so many imaginative options for the Barbie collector when the doll was first introduced back in 1959. After Barbie creator Ruth Hadler watched her daughter playing with paper dolls, and assigning them “adult” jobs and family roles, she conceived of Barbie as an “adult” alternative to the child-like dolls that dominated the market. When the original Barbie debuted in March of 1959, there were two simple options: a brunette Barbie and a blonde Barbie. In the first year of production, Mattel sold roughly 350,000 Barbie dolls, and the Barbie “franchise” was off and running.
The sheer variety of dolls in Pengo Estate Sales’s Barbie auction is a testament to just how far this American icon has come since that first year. And she (and Ken and their friends) are still going strong, heading into their sixth decade of charming children and adult collectors alike.